We’ll Make Your Oriental Rugs Spotless

Oriental rugs, when they’re first purchased, are visually attractive, odor-free, and soft. But over time, these appealing qualities will diminish, to the point where one day you’ll realize that you need oriental rug cleaning. You may be tempted to pursue a DIY rug cleaning, but this is discouraged as most times the rug owner just ends up damaging their rug. No, when you need oriental rug cleaning, it’s best to get in touch with our team, as we’ve been cleaning oriental rugs for years.
Our licensed and certified rug cleaning experts have the know-how and experience necessary to make oriental rugs spotless, and we can clean rugs at your home or business. Or, of course, you can have your oriental rugs cleaned at our shop. In either case, when you get your rugs back, you’ll remark that they look pretty close to brand new. This is why we’re sought by those who need Brooklyn oriental rug cleaning.

Our Services

Rug Cleaning

We have been cleaning oriental rugs for years, and we use top-of-the-line cleaning products, high-tech tools, and industry-leading methods to make rugs not only spotless but sanitary as well.


Rug Restoration & Repair

We can also deliver rug restoration services, including rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug fringing, and rug binding. Your rug will be sturdy for years to come.


The Rugs We Can Clean For Clients

We can clean any rug or carpet that comes to our shop. No rug is too old or complex for our team. We can tackle large cleaning jobs too, and usually these are for commercial clients. If you have specific oriental rug cleaning instructions, we’ll follow these to a T to ensure the cleaning process goes how you want.
Here are the other rugs we clean often for clients in Brooklyn:
Shag rugs
Silk rugs
Navajo rugs
Jute rugs
Cotton rugs
Antique rugs
Braided rugs
Coastal rugs
Border rugs
Distressed rugs
High-low rugs


Choose Us If You’re In Or Around Brooklyn

We’ve been serving oriental rug owners in and around Brooklyn for years, and our clients know we’re committed to delivering expert customer service consistently. We’re in a referrals-based business, so we attribute our always-growing client list to consistency, hard work, and thoroughness. Our competitors aren’t willing to go above and beyond for rug owners in the area, but we sure are! Whether you need residential or commercial oriental rug cleaning, we’ll be there for you. We can even provide same-day service.


Why Eco-Friendly And Non-Toxic Cleaning Products Are Sought

When you need us to clean with only eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products, we can do this. This cleaning service is often sought by parents of young children as well as those who have pets at home. When we’re done with rug cleaning, you can use your rug immediately. You won’t have to worry about cleaning effectiveness coming at the cost of eco-friendliness.